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Our Approach

Inspiring stewardship. Building the kingdom.

Personalized, attentive, faith-focused service. Customized capital campaign strategies based in biblical stewardship. Ongoing attention, even after a campaign ends. With every new partnership, we stay focused on delivering the right set of services for your needs. Our objective for every client is to build and execute a successful campaign that achieves your goals and supports the people you serve as they work together to build the kingdom.

How do we do it? Through a balanced combination of extensive fundraising experience serving Christian organizations, a focus on faith, unmatched expertise and the right faith-filled people.


Our capital campaign managers come from a variety of backgrounds, including development, public relations, university administration, law, journalism, marketing and business management. This blend of talents allows us to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our clients, as well as the evolving fundraising environment. But they are more than just competent fundraisers – they approach campaigns through the lens of faith. Our employees view their work as a way to help build the kingdom of God.

Our Philosophy
At Fellowship Development, we bring faith, expertise and the right people to support the organizations we serve.


We wholeheartedly commit ourselves to every capital campaign. Our passion as an organization is inspiring Christian stewardship and building the kingdom. Our faith-inspired approach to fundraising changes everything. Yes, it is important for our partners to reach their campaign goals, but fundraising through the lens of faith and biblical teaching we:

  • Form disciples
  • Deepen individual relationships with God
  • Strengthen a deeper relationship with your organization
  • Foster awareness of Christ’s presence and generosity through our giving


Our Christocentric approach to fundraising is supported by the most competent people in the field. It is precisely our passion for building the kingdom that inspires us to continually acquire and develop the skills that will yield the best results possible for our partners.

The Right People

Simply put, we stand apart because of the quality of our people. Our team shares a passion for Christian ministry. With their generous and joyful heart for service and a relentless drive for excellence, you’ll want to invite our campaign managers back for your next campaign.

Our Services

Fellowship Development partners with Christian churches, schools and nonprofits to inspire believers in building the kingdom through stewardship, fundraising and development. Rooted in Jesus Christ and biblical teaching, we provide customized planning studies and capital campaigns which raise funds to advance your mission while fostering Christian stewardship and the faith of your community.

Campaign Planning Studies

A planning study lays the groundwork for a successful capital campaign by:

  • Forecasting how much your campaign could raise
  • Testing support for your proposed campaign goals
  • Gauging donor giving capacity through wealth research
Customized Capital Campaigns

We’ll develop a campaign customized for your organization. We’ll take the time to know your history, mission and community. Fellowship Development manages campaigns for every need ranging from new construction and renovation to debt reduction and endowments.

Capital Campaign Management

Fellowship Development’s in-house team of experts will be responsible for carrying out every aspect of your campaign including:

  • Designing a comprehensive campaign strategy
  • Carrying out a detailed communications plan
  • Creating a campaign booklet and all other materials
  • Training and managing volunteers

How can Fellowship Development assist you?

Connect with us today! Tell us about your organization’s vision, goals and funding needs. Let us design a plan that helps you achieve your goals and advance your mission.